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Whether you're recording a demo song or a full length album, getting a good recording of your music is key!  It's true that a lot of magic can be done during the mixing process, but the better the quality of the recorded material, the better the song will sound in the end.

Center Channel Studio offers high quality 24bit / 96kHz recording capabilities featuring world famous class-A Focusrite pre-amps and the industry-standard Pro Tools software.  With over 2 terabytes of storage (backed up daily), any project size can be accommodated.

Other features include:

    * in-house 6 piece midi drum kit featuring 4 tom pads, Roland mesh head snare, 2 Alesis Surge cymbals, 1 Alesis Surge ride and a real 14" Sabian XS20 hi-hat running into the award-winning Superior Drummer 2.0 virtual instrument (or you can bring your own kit or pieces instead)

    * semi-weighted 88-key midi controller keyboard for authentic piano feel

    * various microphones including AKG C3000B, Sterling Audio ST55, multiple Shure SM58 and SM57

    * full midi capabilities including editing or playback through a wide selection of in-house virtual instruments and professional external sound modules from Roland & Yamaha

    * numerous plug-ins to enhance or manipulate sounds including wide range of guitar processing

    * anything else your session requires

Please contact us to discuss your project and to set up a recording plan ahead of time to ensure a smooth and cost efficient session.


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